You are currently viewing Money Making Blog For Free With WordPress and A Free Theme (Rishi Theme)

Money Making Blog For Free With WordPress and A Free Theme (Rishi Theme)

This video tutorial is an in-depth tutorial about how to create a money-making blog in 2022 for For Free Using WordPress, a free theme, and free plugins.

Apart from the domain and the hosting everything used in this tutorial for this music website is free.

We use a free theme called the Rishi WordPress theme. This theme is one of the best free WordPress themes to use to create any kind of blog or website. It has tons of customization options as compared to all the big free themes.

The Rishi theme comes with the Rishi companion which gives you all the possibilities to be able to customize your website without adding any line of code. The amazing thing about this theme is that it is fast and also mobile responsive.

The Rishi theme also comes with amazing lots of starter templates that can help you kickstart your web design process fast. Blog templates, agencies, schools, portfolios, magazines, shops, and many other free starter templates are available for you to use on your website.

Download Rishi Theme:
Demo Website:

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Video Table of Content

00:00:00 Introduction
00:06:43 WordPress Settings
00:12:25 Installing free theme (Rishi theme)
00:17:24 Install and Activate Rishi theme Companion
00:19:20 Installing and Importing Rishi theme starter templates
00:25:25 Customizing Rishi theme header and footer
00:41:45 Creating Categories
00:47:46 Creating Pages (Privacy & Terms)
00:54:14 Creating Contact Us Page
01:02:24 Designing Home page
01:22:55 Creating & Publishing Blog Post
01:36:37 Rishi Theme customization
01:45:44 Creating Menus
01:52:15 Adjusting the Footer Menu
01:54:20 Rishi theme Sidebar Settings & customization
01:57:13 Conclusion

Kwabena Asare

Kwabena Asare is a Digital Marketer, Website designer, Graphic designer and a blogger. He is the Chief editor at Kaetech Digital.