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How To Add A Variable Product Ecommerce Website

What is a variable product?

To add variable products in ecommerce website we need to define variable product. Variable products are products types in your woocommerce store that you allows you to add attributes and variations. You can add attributes like color and size to different products in your woocommerce store.

Example of variable products are

=> Shoe

=> Clothing

=> Bags

This article is about how to add a variable product to your ecommerce store using woocommerce in WordPress.

Follow the simple steps bellow to create or add a variable product to your ecommerce website.

Remember we are using woocommerce in WordPress.

1. Log into your woocommerce store through the wp-admin login

2. Go to Products the Add New and wait for the page to laod and open.

Add New Product – Kaetech digital

3. First head straight to the choose product image and add product gallery images

4. After choosing product image and product gallery images now you can add the product tittle in the product tittle bar

5. Now let’s go straight to the Product data. This is where we create the product as a variable product.

Product data – Kaetech digital

6. The default product is set to simple. Click to change it to Variable product. You can set your inventory

7. Then go to Attributes => Choose the type of attribute (if you don’t have any attribute, set it to custom product attribute and click on Add) => fill in the name and the values and make sure to tick the Used for Variations box

Product Attributes – Kaetech digital

8. Move to the Variations Tab (Be patient for it to load) => Click on Go beside the Add Variations box to generate a default variations for you based on your attributes or you can click inside the Add variations box and choose Create Variations from All Atributes. This will allow you to customize your variations.

Add Variation – Kaetech digital

9. Then set your price, stock status, weight of the product and the shipping class

10. After that, Add the product details in the Product short description box and review the product.

Product short description – Kaetech digital

11. Publish the Variable Product

Published Variable product – Kaetech digital

This is how you add a variable product to your ecommerce website using woocommerce.

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