Starting a business with no money is not a problem, but what kind of business to start with no money can sometimes be a problem.


Kaetech digital Business with no money

With the increasing usage of social media and the vast popularity of digital marketing, starting a business with no money is not a problem anymore.  There are a lot of businesses you can start in any country with no money. If you have a smartphone and use social media then you have the biggest platform to start a business with no money.

You can start any business, selling of physical products like shoes, bags, clothes and many more. You can also provide services or share valuable content with people and get paid, like teaching people how to make food and sharing your special recipes with them, you can compile a whole recipes and ask people who wants it to just pay a dollar or two for them and you send it to them through emails, WhatsApp or Facebook.

This article will give you insight in some simple businesses you can start with no money and the steps to follow to start these businesses.

Businesses you can start with no money

business with no money Kaetech Digital
  1. Re-selling

Re-selling is the number one business. Easy business to start with no money. This business has been there long time ago and it is not a new business. I remember when I was a kid I used to go to the market looking for something to buy and someone will approach me and ask me what I want to buy. He will tell me the price, tell me to stand and wait somewhere and he will go and bring me what I needed. Anytime I go there and want to buy something, I look for that same man. He was a reseller.

Now with the introduction of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Intagram, WhatsApp etc, reselling has become an easy thing to do. People in the advance countries use the term dropshipping which is a form of reselling.

Reselling is simply advertising a suppliers products to an audience as if they are your products.

With the introduction of digital marketing and social media, you sometimes may not even get hold of the products you sell to your customers. You don’t need money to start this business since you don’t have to buy the products before you resell.

How to start a business with no money.

  • Have a niche. It could be a service or a product. What  you want to resell shouldn’t be just any product or service. It should be something you like and have more knowledge in. Something you can really talk more about. So for example, if you want to resell ladies shoes or bags, you should be interested in them and can convince someone to buy them. Also the product should be something trending or something of need to majority of people. Something that your close friends or classmates, or some groups or associations you join will be interested in. Because if you pick a product that cannot sell you will be wasting your time and energy.
  • Look for a supplier or a dealer who sells what you want to resell. Remember your goal is starting a business with no money so you don’t look for someone who says deposit money or something.

It could be a small shop around your area or a big shop in the city. Approach them and tell them what you want to do. This is what I use in getting all my suppliers. I tell them I have a WhatsApp or Facebook group and most of the group members are really interested in some of the things that the supplier sells, so I want to ask permission from the supplier to help market his products to the people in my group so that when someone needs something I will order from them. All I need are pictures of their products. And they gladly say oh okay no problem.

Remember all businesses wants to expand and get more customers so no one will say no.

Ask of the prices and tell them to give you a small discount. Some will do, but some will not. Don’t worry because you will add your small profit to it. Don’t be greedy and do not add too much profit because u starting a business with no money so you need to know your profit margin. Consider delivery and if possible consider free delivery.

Go on to different suppliers or dealers and repeat the same lines to them.

  • ‌Create a Facebook group, Facebook page, Instagram page and a WhatsApp group. Make sure you fill in all the necessary details to make it a professional page or group. Invite all your friends to like, join and follow your group and pages. Start selling to them. And that it is! You have started your business. Remember it will take time, it is not a one day job for you to get customers. But keep posting and keep inviting people to like or follow you. Share photos with descriptions, share videos of your products. Be ready to answer people’s questions. Reselling is all about trust so create that trust. Let your customers trust you. If you tell them 2 days delivery it should be 2 days.

2. How to start a service business with no money.

Services are not physical products, they are the skills that you have to be able to do something that others do not have. For example a teacher, doctor, lawyer, health professional, Gym instructor, website designer and many more. All these professions are service professions and you can start any of them as a business without any money. Knowledge, skills and technical know how are the biggest assets of any individual.

Kaetech digital

How to do you start?

All you need is a mobile phone and internet. Then Follow the following steps.

  • Create a Facebook page, Instagram page, Twitter page, or a YouTube channel
  • Fill in all the necessary details of your new business and describe what your page is about. If it is teaching, what are you going to teach and how will it benefit someone who like, follow or subscribe to your page or channel.
  • Create educative videos every day to your followers or subscribers to educate them in one way or the other. The videos should relate to the description of your page or channel. If your page or channel is about physical training on how to loose weight, create videos teaching your followers or subscribers about ways to loose weight.
  • Create quality EBooks about your training and share for free or sell to your subscribers. If you are selling Ebooks do not charge abnormal prices. Make sure the price is reasonable so that anyone can afford. Even if it is 1 dollar, imaging if 10000 or more people buy it.  Keep in mind that the more your YouTube channel is educative, the more people like share and subscribe. Then in no time YouTube will start paying you.


It’s so simple and easy, don’t sit down idle given excuses that you have no money to start a business. With these simple tips I hope you can start a good business with no money.

Start Now!

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