Study Digital Marketing For Free

If you wanna learn digital marketing for free then you are at the right place.


Digital marketing is just advertising and selling products to people via the internet. The products could be physical products or digital products. Physical products can be marketing of shoes, clothes or bags just like KobisMarket. Digital products also includes Ebooks, videos or music. Anything that you can sell to someone on the streets, in the physical market or face to face, you can also do same via digital marketing. There are different kinds of digital marketing, like social media marketing(Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, or even WhatsApp), SEO, SEM or even through your own business website. 

Why Digital Marking?

A lot of people spend their whole day, 24hrs, on the internet either searching for something, reading trending news or connecting with friends and families. Therefore businesses needs to be where their customers are. With the increasing usage of internet and social media, digital marketing is moving away from the traditional way of marketing.

How to study digital marketing for free?

Yes, digital marketing skills and knowledge can be studied for free through different ways but I am gonna talk about just two ways or two mediums.
Now before we go on don’t think too much if you are qualified to study digital marketing. If you have ever sold something to someone or if you have ever convinced someone to buy something, then you know marketing. You are 50% percent through. If you have a smartphone or use the internet, then you are in the digital world and you are 30% through. Now you are 80% through so we are just combining the two together, Digital and Marketing to get your 100%.

So lets get started

The two platforms I am going to show you are platforms you know already.


YouTube is a video sharing and social media platform that gives chance for video content makers to share their knowledge and skills with the world.

Google Digital Garage

We all know Google to be a search engine but Google has a digital learning platform called Digital garage which provides online courses for free to the world.

This is a big platform. Yes, I know people are gonna say really? But wait! I learnt almost everything I know today on YouTube. YouTube gives you a better chance to learn from the best industry players.

Now, why will someone share his or her secrets to you on YouTube? Simple, because in doing so he builds trust with subscribers and viewers and can also sell products to viewers or subscribers. He/she can also get paid by YouTube. Yes because if his or her content is not relevant to his subscribers or viewers, he won’t get views and won’t be paid. So most YouTube videos are very good and can help you gain more insight into digital marketing.

What will you learn from YouTube?

There are a couple of great YouTube channels that makes great digital marketing tutorial videos. some of them are as 

and many great other channels.


Google digital garage is a free online platform that gives you free online marketing training to get the digital skills you need to grow your career or/and build your business.

There are three main courses they provide;

  • Data and Tech,
  • Digital Marketing,
  • Career Development. 

There are questions to assess your skills gain after every lesson so you know you are on the right path.

How does it work?

There are 26 modules in the Digital Marketing course.

  • You have to complete all the 26 modules 
  • Take a final exam to get certified.
  • Then download and share your certificate with your friends, families and business colleagues. 

These courses are free to everyone. Learn, get skills and  get a certificate after completion. 

The only requirement is to have a Gmail account, which I know you already have. If you don’t have then click here to open a Gmail account.

Getting certificate from Google after completing any course makes it great because you can show it with proof that you are a digital marketer certified by Google.

But remember getting all these skills without constant practice will be useless. Constant practicing makes you perfect in every skill you acquire in life.


Take advantage of the internet and learn a skill every day to catch up with the changing world. Don’t be left out during this COVID-19 period. Learn a skill.